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For Flu Season!


by Rob McDonald


This really works well with a juicer, but the primary goal is to keep your immunity system at optimal operating efficiency during flu season. The trick is to get plenty of fresh, raw, fruits and vegetables.

Many people don't realize they absorb little nutrition from cooked foods, and a lot of nutrition from raw foods. This is because of enzymes that are in raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes. An enzyme's job is to truck a nutrient through your intestinal wall into your bloodstream.  Enzymes are also nutrient specific, so you need the right ones to go with the nutrients you are absorbing. Lack of enzymes is why recent studies showed that multivitamins do little to nothing for you.

The best time to give the body this nutrition to fight off the flu is the second you feel it coming on, or better yet all the time. You can stop the flu in it's tracks if you can do this before it gets a foothold.  I juice the following, but you could also eat the following to boost the immunity system.


1 Carrot (Beta Carotene for vitamin A)

1 Apple (Many vitamins and nutrients)

1 Orange (Vitamin C)

1/4 bunch of spinach (Vitamin B)

1 Large clove of garlic (antibiotic/antiviral)


Mix well and drink it down, enjoy, it actually tastes good.

Cannabis, A Versatile Medication

    by Rodney Jones

Cannabis has a wide range of medicinal properties that can be effective on most illnesses. Cannabis oil is allowing the bodyís immune system to eliminate cancer; by demasking the abnormal cells, a process called apoptosis. A recent study showed eliminating or very significantly reducing skin cancers.

Crohnís disease, diabetes, MS, Alzheimerís, Seizures, etc. etc. etc. Cannabis has shown to significantly help these diseases. All of the studies state THC was tested for relief of this and that. What I donít see in the study is how mature the trichomes are and CBD level of the strains of cannabis.

Different strains have different effects; add to that, immature trichomes of the strain, will cause that strain to be effective for different conditions. Immature trichomes will produce a stimulant effect, energizing, uplifted mood, to paranoia and anxiety. While very mature trichomes will produce a sedative effect, relaxed, numb, to sleep. Most of the studies are not using the live plant trichomes; they are using a chemical receptor stimulator similar to Cannabis trichomes. Marinol the pharmaceutical supposed equivalent of the natural plant THC is like pure THC. But, in the live plant, THC can be either a stimulant or a sedative. Also, other cannabinoids like CBD, CBV, CBN, various terpenes and flavinoids, all either have a similar effect or adverse effect. CBD is known to regulate the euphoric effect of THC. Meaning a strain low in CBD and high in THC, the euphoric effect will be strong, while, a strain high in CBD and high in THC, will have a much weaker euphoric effect, due to the CBD regulating the THC.

Other than the Donald Tashkin, UCLA respatory studies of actual smokers of tobacco, cannabis, and non smokers. Most of the lab studies are using chemical receptor stimulants. Most cannabis patients; and, in states that donít have medicinal cannabis, illegal medicinal users, are aware of this and look for different strains and their different plant types Sativa, Indica, or Ruderalis for the different effects.


Rodney Jones is not a medical doctor, nothing in these articles should be used to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Listed below are the links used to obtain reference material for this article. Please read these articles and do your own due diligence and research the facts for yourself.

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