Bernie Sanders, Why He Won the Debate

By Sean Merritt
It's almost like we live in an upside down world, where we all look at the same picture but can have such stark, contrasting opinions on what it means.  For nearly all of the talking heads last night it was a definitive win for Hillary Clinton but for the average citizen who tuned in last night and as many of the CNN, TIME, Facebook and Slade polls show Bernie Sanders won by a commanding margin, 75-82%). The debate also helped showcase Bernie to a national audience, allowing him to rake in 2 million dollars since but let's look at the line of the night.

"The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!" Sanders said drawing laughs and thank you with a handshake from Clinton. That's right, Bernie in coming in with grace said what all us middle class on down citizens think about this and he made his rival shake his hand and thank him! If you are in any sport or competition and you make your rival shake your hand and thank you that is a masterful way of showing who is really in charge and who really has things in control and Bernie played her like the elder statesman he his. Yes Hillary, enough of your damn emails and enough of the pundits kissing up to you.

Now that we've touched on the line of the night let's actually see where they stand on the issues.
1)Health Care 
Bernie says we should look to Nordic nations as to how we can implement national health care and democratic socialism.
Hillary says capitalism is what has made us great but when asked later about women's right said we should look to other nations thereby flip_flopping in the span of a mere 120 minutes.
Bernie is for Universal Health Care, Hillary loves big pharma.
2) Guns
Bernie was right that those who live in rural areas see this issue different than those who live in urban areas. Hunting and the outdoor way of life is much different that living in cities. Two completely different lifestyles and both must be included to pass common sense gun control. Let look closer at his views on gun control.
"Im pro gun but no one needs an AK47 to hunt", Voted against the Federal waiting period of the brady bill because he believes the States can handle it, Protection for gun manufacturers who sell weapons LEGALLY, Illegally no. Ban Assualt weapons. Yes on Banning High Capacity Magazines over 10 rounds, Yes on Allowing Citizens to travel on Amtrak with their 2nd amendment protected weapons, Yes on PROHIBITING the UN to restrict US rights on gun ownership, NO on cutting the waiting period from gun shows to 1 day from 3.
As you can see Bernie is very 2nd amendment but wants common sense solutions that bring Urban and Rural voters together to create laws that work without doing away with our constitutionally protected 2nd amendment rights! 
With Hillary we're going to get STRICT gun control, the choice for those of us who love our 2nd amendment rights and exercise them responsibly is clear
3) War and Veterans
Clinton voted for war in Iraq, quick to use force by standing up to Putin, No fly zone in Syria
All of these are going to keep America in a perpetual state of War. Bernie is the ONLY senator who voted against war in Iraq (he was right about it destabilizing the region), Will only use force with coalition support with the US focusing more on helping than leading the charge and also thinks that a No Fly Zone is Syria is Dangerous, will only create more enemies. Like his his thought on Iraq that will be proven right if we the people are unfortunate enough to go that route.
Bernie was also the only candidate, besides Jim Webb, to mention helping veterans. He passed health care laws in the VA giving veterans the choice card most of us now have, chaired the vets committee and will end NSA eroding our civil liberties.
Hillary thinks the NSA is necessary and that our rights to privacy should be sacrificed for a little security. Our founding fathers would disagree.
4) Income Inequality
Bernie net worth 0.7 million, Hillary (alone not including Bill's net worth) 32.1 million. Who is better qualified to talk about challenges facing the lower and middle class? The choice is clear.
Bernie wants to raise minimum wage to 15/hr, End disastrous trade policies like TPP that Hillary thinks is the Gold Standard, Reinstate Glass/Stegall and Break up the Big Banks.
Hillary will just tell the Big Banks and Wall Street to "Cut it Out" like she did in 07. We all know how well that turned out don't we? Hillary represented Wall Street and takes contributions from them. She is not the one to stand up to them or protect the people from their predatory practices.

Bernie will tax Wall Street to pay for College Tuition for ALL 
5) Legalizing Marijuana
Hillary says we need more evidence. The evidence is clear ask Washington and Colorado. Orgeon made 11 million in sales after 5 days of legal selling. Let that sink in then ask yourself what more evidence do you we need legalization works for revenue help and for unclogging our prison systems full of non-violent Marijuana offenders.
Bernie is for Legalizing It.

6) Black Lives Matter
And Bernie said why beautifully. When you have a race of people who are afraid that if the police encounter them they will most likely end up in jail or dead it's time to fix our broken judicial system, combat institutional racism, make sure people have jobs instead of Jail cells. 
Bernie also eluded to for profit prisons working immigrants like slaves as the reason he voted against the immigration bill brought up last night and you know what he was right about that too!
Bernie is the most progressive choice but he's also the only candidate who will not sacrifice our Bill Of Rights for security. He's for the common man not the banker man. There is no other choice nor doubt who really won the debate last night, ask WE THE PEOPLE we'll be happy to tell you.