Jesus can save!

The world that Jesus proposed was one of giving.  Once a year we celebrate that spirit, but why not as Jesus wanted, all of the time?  Jesus said we would burn up if we did not turn from our path of greed.  Maybe he foresaw the resources in the Earth that would be tapped well beyond their usefulness as status quo interests protect their profits.

Jesus overturned the money tables in the Synagogues, and was crucified three days later. Those same money changers then turned Jesus’ ministry into the biggest money maker in history.  Did the people ever get the paradise that Jesus proposed for humanity?  No, millions have been murdered in the name of the Christ who professed nothing but love, acceptance and help for your fellow humanity.

A New America?

A complaint has been filed against 23 Republicans after Republican Representative Kevin McCarthy’s admission that the Benghazi committee was nothing more than attempted political hit on Hillary Clinton.  Like the rest of us, Hillary Clinton is a citizen, and like the rest of us, she is a citizen who had her constitutional rights violated by Republican criminals.

The complaint is light, the charge “Illegal Agreement To Misuse Taxpayer Funds.”  It could easily be treason against the constitutional rights of one Hillary Rodham Clinton.   But I must say, I am ecstatic that justice is finally being attempted in the United States of America again, for the lying criminals of the GOP.  It has been a long time coming.

Let us hope we can get 23 resignations from Congress out of this soon!   Those who commit criminal acts, while ignoring the people’s business, should always be arrested, and never elected.

Our Country Is Divided

There are two United States Of America now.  In one United States of America we are making peace around the world.  We have a solid agreement with Iran to end their nuclear program.  We are opening up trade and cooperation with Cuba.  The people’s rights are being respected.  The budget deficit has been more than cut in half.   Gas prices are down and stable.  We are making tremendous gains in renewable sources of energy. And we are back to where we were in jobs when George W. Bush crashed the economy a second time during his administration.

In the other United States of America, planned parenthood doesn’t prevent abortions, it causes them.  Iran can’t be trusted and we must go destroy it.  The solution for crime at home isn’t ending income inequality, it is increasing the unconstitutional acts against the constitutional rights of American citizens.  President Obama is the Antichrist, and the GOP are protectors of rights. The President is poisoning us through chemtrails. The real fact is in Republican held territory, the Constitution simply does not apply.  They lie to idiots.

I watched the Republican debate.  We had Jeb Bush lie every time he opened his  mouth, including when he blamed President Obama for withdrawing from Iraq too soon, despite the fact Jeb’s brother singed the orders and exit timeline before he left office, and President Obama didn’t change that timeline.  Ted Cruz told the American people his Bible trumps their Constitution.  All of them lying about the deficit, and their own economies they created, and Donald Trump trumping them all.

How did the Republican party end up in the hands of a criminal organization, and when will the voters of that party end the careers of their current corrupt party leaders?  It always starts at home.

The Restoration Of The Constitutional Rights Of The People

For so long I have demanded the restoration of the rights of free American citizens.  The latest attack against the rights of citizens has been against gay rights, but it is only one of many attacks against specific groups of American citizens who have protection of their rights by their constitution, and are supposed to be treated equally under the law by our government.   I was worried considering the makeup of the Supreme Court that we might get an unconstitutional ruling from the majority. Thankfully they did their jobs and protected American citizens from evil persecution by people claiming to belong to a religion of love, and follow a path of acceptance of their fellow human beings.

As for Charleston and the backlash against the Confederate Flag, those who embrace the Confederate Flag wish for a symbol of rebellion.  Why do they not understand that any rebellion of the American people against those who violate their rights would be carried out under the original “rebel flag,” the one that has stars and stripes?

When will people understand our current President has taken on the task of restoring the constitutional rights of the people, and is about the only one working for the American people.   You know those working against us, they lie about what our President is doing.

Every American has first amendment protection to worship their own religion, and first amendment protection from other’s religions.   That’s just the way it is, live with it!   Next up, restoring the ninth amendment rights of the people to a medicinally, nutritionally, and industrially beneficial plant.


When Will Journalistic Integrity Return?

Today June 24th, 2015 Redding’s Record Searchlight once again proved they are corporate shrews, not journalism.  They printed a corporate marketing article disguised as a study that said “Scant Evidence Medical Pot Helps Many Illnesses.”  The reporter obviously didn’t care that there are plenty of university studies that prove otherwise, she didn’t even seek out what other studies have been done to weigh the likelihood that the information that she was given to propagate all over America through the Associated Press was true.

That  article is a lie, put out by mainstream pharmaceuticals and medical companies that don’t like not being able to kill you slowly with their pills that they make for pennies and sell you for $10 or more each.   Why would they want you to cure yourself without them when your sickness from not having all the building blocks of our natural diet allows them to stick a 59 cent IV into you, and charge you $89 for the bag of saline?

As long as Americans are treated as centers of profit, instead of citizens with rights, by the members of the Republican National Committee, the lies will keep coming!   For as long as America tolerates politicians that lie to them, and buy up all the news to back up their lies.  I sure hope the treasonous acts of the Republican National Committee and the conspiring corporate media come to a stop before all of the people know they were treasonously lied to in conspiracy, and act accordingly.

The people have a ninth amendment right to a plant, and the GOP doesn’t have the constitutional amendment, and therefore they don’t have the constitutional authority they need to not face treason charges for what they have done to violate the ninth amendment rights of the American people for the last 47 years!

We The People

Dear America,

I’m not sure if you really didn’t vote, or if the Republicans cheated the vote somehow.  Considering the GOP removed the rules in 2006 against media conglomeration, the corporate owned press may very well have created enough voter apathy for the criminals of the GOP to once again show up and take control of our country.

What I do know is this country is a country of the people, by the people, and for the people.  We elect public servants to serve us, not to be our masters.   Manipulation and control through propaganda, rather than serving the people, is treason on the part of the Republican party.   Fooling the morons that vote for them with lies, propaganda, and even a false news channel, while buying up all the real news to legitimize their lying news, and slant the real news toward the corporate agenda, is treason!

In our fifth amendment rights is the decree, “government shall take no property without just compensation.”   All Presidents before Ronald Reagan, since World War II, paid down the federal debt.  Reagan added to it for the first time since World War II.  Keep in mind, the attitudes of the public servants at the time was war was an emergency they could deficit spend to deal with.  We did not start World War II, we finished it.

Since Ronald Reagan, the Republicans have added so much to our debt, it took Bill Clinton most of his administration to get our budget back to balanced, even though he started on day one, and President Obama inherited a much, much larger debt that was taking most of the current tax revenue just to pay interest and principle, and creating more debt on overdrive to the tune of 1.3 Trillion a year.  That is now down to under $400 billion a year, and if President Obama gets us back to balance in his eight years, it will be an astounding feat worthy of “GREATEST PRESIDENT OF ALL TIME.”  That is dependent on the economy continuing to grow, if the new GOP congress are able to apply more cuts, they may kill the economy, and we won’t make it back to a balanced budget.  The Republicans have made it clear, their goal is to create the largest debt possible for the United States, so just like everything else they do, like “privatization,” it’s all geared to setting up their private income streams on the back of the American taxpayer.  US has been borrowing so much money, everybody gets to loan to it.

Hundreds of studies of cannabis are showing it to be a vital nutrient to human health.  They are also showing the studies conducted by the Nixon, Reagan, and Bush administrations were propaganda bullshit.  One can only conclude that the GOP are now, and since Nixon have been, a criminal organization dealing drugs around the world and using our public resources and even our military to stomp on their competition.

Ron and Rand Paul have been sounding the alarm for years about the criminals, actions, and constitutional overreach of the Republican party.  And somehow fool people into voting for the treasonous GOP by calling everything the Republicans have done “government.”   In the meantime, a truck that belonged to a plumber in Texas shows up in ISIS’ pictures with a 50 caliber mounted in the back,  after he sold it at an auction in Texas.   Now there is an attack in Paris, and liberal minded people that do satire and make us laugh for a living were murdered.    I understand John McCain is under investigation for illegal trips to Syria that violated State Department rules.   Do you think the previous portion of this paragraph to be “disjointed?”  I don’t.  

Dear America, wake up.

Why Are We Letting The Criminals Get Away With Treason?

GOP ignores our Constitution, and violates our first amendment rights with the “terrorist threat law,” putting people in jail for things they say rather than things they do. They also attempt to violate the first amendment by shoving a single religion down our throats, and of course they ignore our constitution when they kill or jail reporters, which they have done a lot of in the last decade unbeknownst to the American people.

GOP ignores our Constitution, and violates the second amendment while they ban cultural weapons everywhere in this country. Switchblades, throwing knives, throwing stars, nunchucks, it’s ridiculous people think they protect anything but gun manufacturing profits.

GOP ignores our Constitution and violates the fourth amendment. They are the creators of roadside checkpoints, no knock raids, and unwarranted searches, and both private and public employee drug testing. They refuse to honor the people’s fourth amendment rights on every level!

GOP ignores the Constitution, and violates the fifth amendment, and added asset seizure laws to their war against marijuana that drove marijuana growing onto public lands so their property could not be seized. It also made it impossible for anybody to fight the ninth amendment rights violating marijuana laws all the way to the Supreme Court, as assets are seized before the person can even use any of their money or assets to defend against their unconstitutional charges.   What also violates the fifth amendment is interest and principle on any debt accumulated for anything that wasn’t an emergency, like every war action the GOP HAS STARTED over the last 50 years.   Interest on a loan is not “just compensation” to the American people for “seizure of their property” (taxes). 

GOP ignores the ninth amendment, as a constitutional amendment needed to be written to give them authority to prohibit a plant from the American people, just like an amendment had to be written to give them authority to take alcohol away from the people, which was later repealed. All public officials and law enforcement take their oath to the Constitution, and the people’s rights under it, not to unconstitutional laws written by criminal Republican politicians!  

GOP ignores the tenth amendment, as the Republican congress and George W. Bush didn’t let States who had passed medicinal marijuana laws, exercise their states rights without federal prosecution, and in fact those laws have not changed, and the Obama administration is having a hard time reigning in people that refuse to quit doing what they consider “their job,” as defined by treasonous, yet powerful Republican politicians. The federal laws are unconstitutional from the get go!!!

GOP ignores the 14th amendment as Newt Gingrich wrote, passed, and insisted on the “deadbeat Dad” laws that do not even come close to treating the custodial, and non custodial parents equally under the law, as is required by the fourteenth amendment!

The Republicans in 2006 removed the rules against media conglomeration, and all of the media has been conglomerated into six major corporations, pushing the corporate/fascist agenda on almost every channel, in almost every newspaper, and on almost every radio station. One only need look at the agenda of the Republican party to know the corporate agenda does not match the people’s agenda, but they can brainwash the masses to stay in power anyway, like the election they just won through voter suppression, lies and propaganda (scandals that disappeared after the elections, but were on every channel creating fear before the elections). Also, various other cheating tactics, and of course gerrymandering districts of the states they control to corruptly maintain their power.  It all amounts to cheating the people out of deciding things.  

The Republican party has both acted treasonously against the American people, and made it clear their agenda and attitudes are not about to change. Round they, and their conspirators up and hang them all for conspiracy to commit treason! DOJ, FBI, for the first time in 50 years, DO YOUR JOBS!

Who Should We Believe?

“Who should we believe?” “The President who said he didn’t have the authority to take action before the election, or the President who is taking authority after the elections?” _ Michael McCaull (R) Texas.

Oh GOP Liararchy manipulating the morons that vote for you, you should believe both the President who wanted to do things with the help of congress that he couldn’t do himself, and the one that is doing what he can, because you treasonous lying jerks won’t do your job!

A Servant Of The People

I have come to the conclusion that the Republicans’ problem with President Obama is that he is a servant to the people, and demonstrates through his service that our government is supposed to be the servants of the people.   The Republicans don’t like that.  They want people to think those in our government are our masters, like royalty, so when they are in control, they can be our masters.