Why Are We Letting The Criminals Get Away With Treason?

GOP ignores our Constitution, and violates our first amendment rights with the “terrorist threat law,” putting people in jail for things they say rather than things they do. They also attempt to violate the first amendment by shoving a single religion down our throats, and of course they ignore our constitution when they kill or jail reporters, which they have done a lot of in the last decade unbeknownst to the American people.

GOP ignores our Constitution, and violates the second amendment while they ban cultural weapons everywhere in this country. Switchblades, throwing knives, throwing stars, nunchucks, it’s ridiculous people think they protect anything but gun manufacturing profits.

GOP ignores our Constitution and violates the fourth amendment. They are the creators of roadside checkpoints, no knock raids, and unwarranted searches, and both private and public employee drug testing. They refuse to honor the people’s fourth amendment rights on every level!

GOP ignores the Constitution, and violates the fifth amendment, and added asset seizure laws to their war against marijuana that drove marijuana growing onto public lands so their property could not be seized. It also made it impossible for anybody to fight the ninth amendment rights violating marijuana laws all the way to the Supreme Court, as assets are seized before the person can even use any of their money or assets to defend against their unconstitutional charges.   What also violates the fifth amendment is interest and principle on any debt accumulated for anything that wasn’t an emergency, like every war action the GOP HAS STARTED over the last 50 years.   Interest on a loan is not “just compensation” to the American people for “seizure of their property” (taxes). 

GOP ignores the ninth amendment, as a constitutional amendment needed to be written to give them authority to prohibit a plant from the American people, just like an amendment had to be written to give them authority to take alcohol away from the people, which was later repealed. All public officials and law enforcement take their oath to the Constitution, and the people’s rights under it, not to unconstitutional laws written by criminal Republican politicians!  

GOP ignores the tenth amendment, as the Republican congress and George W. Bush didn’t let States who had passed medicinal marijuana laws, exercise their states rights without federal prosecution, and in fact those laws have not changed, and the Obama administration is having a hard time reigning in people that refuse to quit doing what they consider “their job,” as defined by treasonous, yet powerful Republican politicians. The federal laws are unconstitutional from the get go!!!

GOP ignores the 14th amendment as Newt Gingrich wrote, passed, and insisted on the “deadbeat Dad” laws that do not even come close to treating the custodial, and non custodial parents equally under the law, as is required by the fourteenth amendment!

The Republicans in 2006 removed the rules against media conglomeration, and all of the media has been conglomerated into six major corporations, pushing the corporate/fascist agenda on almost every channel, in almost every newspaper, and on almost every radio station. One only need look at the agenda of the Republican party to know the corporate agenda does not match the people’s agenda, but they can brainwash the masses to stay in power anyway, like the election they just won through voter suppression, lies and propaganda (scandals that disappeared after the elections, but were on every channel creating fear before the elections). Also, various other cheating tactics, and of course gerrymandering districts of the states they control to corruptly maintain their power.  It all amounts to cheating the people out of deciding things.  

The Republican party has both acted treasonously against the American people, and made it clear their agenda and attitudes are not about to change. Round they, and their conspirators up and hang them all for conspiracy to commit treason! DOJ, FBI, for the first time in 50 years, DO YOUR JOBS!



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