We The People

Dear America,

I’m not sure if you really didn’t vote, or if the Republicans cheated the vote somehow.  Considering the GOP removed the rules in 2006 against media conglomeration, the corporate owned press may very well have created enough voter apathy for the criminals of the GOP to once again show up and take control of our country.

What I do know is this country is a country of the people, by the people, and for the people.  We elect public servants to serve us, not to be our masters.   Manipulation and control through propaganda, rather than serving the people, is treason on the part of the Republican party.   Fooling the morons that vote for them with lies, propaganda, and even a false news channel, while buying up all the real news to legitimize their lying news, and slant the real news toward the corporate agenda, is treason!

In our fifth amendment rights is the decree, “government shall take no property without just compensation.”   All Presidents before Ronald Reagan, since World War II, paid down the federal debt.  Reagan added to it for the first time since World War II.  Keep in mind, the attitudes of the public servants at the time was war was an emergency they could deficit spend to deal with.  We did not start World War II, we finished it.

Since Ronald Reagan, the Republicans have added so much to our debt, it took Bill Clinton most of his administration to get our budget back to balanced, even though he started on day one, and President Obama inherited a much, much larger debt that was taking most of the current tax revenue just to pay interest and principle, and creating more debt on overdrive to the tune of 1.3 Trillion a year.  That is now down to under $400 billion a year, and if President Obama gets us back to balance in his eight years, it will be an astounding feat worthy of “GREATEST PRESIDENT OF ALL TIME.”  That is dependent on the economy continuing to grow, if the new GOP congress are able to apply more cuts, they may kill the economy, and we won’t make it back to a balanced budget.  The Republicans have made it clear, their goal is to create the largest debt possible for the United States, so just like everything else they do, like “privatization,” it’s all geared to setting up their private income streams on the back of the American taxpayer.  US has been borrowing so much money, everybody gets to loan to it.

Hundreds of studies of cannabis are showing it to be a vital nutrient to human health.  They are also showing the studies conducted by the Nixon, Reagan, and Bush administrations were propaganda bullshit.  One can only conclude that the GOP are now, and since Nixon have been, a criminal organization dealing drugs around the world and using our public resources and even our military to stomp on their competition.

Ron and Rand Paul have been sounding the alarm for years about the criminals, actions, and constitutional overreach of the Republican party.  And somehow fool people into voting for the treasonous GOP by calling everything the Republicans have done “government.”   In the meantime, a truck that belonged to a plumber in Texas shows up in ISIS’ pictures with a 50 caliber mounted in the back,  after he sold it at an auction in Texas.   Now there is an attack in Paris, and liberal minded people that do satire and make us laugh for a living were murdered.    I understand John McCain is under investigation for illegal trips to Syria that violated State Department rules.   Do you think the previous portion of this paragraph to be “disjointed?”  I don’t.  

Dear America, wake up.



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