The Restoration Of The Constitutional Rights Of The People

For so long I have demanded the restoration of the rights of free American citizens.  The latest attack against the rights of citizens has been against gay rights, but it is only one of many attacks against specific groups of American citizens who have protection of their rights by their constitution, and are supposed to be treated equally under the law by our government.   I was worried considering the makeup of the Supreme Court that we might get an unconstitutional ruling from the majority. Thankfully they did their jobs and protected American citizens from evil persecution by people claiming to belong to a religion of love, and follow a path of acceptance of their fellow human beings.

As for Charleston and the backlash against the Confederate Flag, those who embrace the Confederate Flag wish for a symbol of rebellion.  Why do they not understand that any rebellion of the American people against those who violate their rights would be carried out under the original “rebel flag,” the one that has stars and stripes?

When will people understand our current President has taken on the task of restoring the constitutional rights of the people, and is about the only one working for the American people.   You know those working against us, they lie about what our President is doing.

Every American has first amendment protection to worship their own religion, and first amendment protection from other’s religions.   That’s just the way it is, live with it!   Next up, restoring the ninth amendment rights of the people to a medicinally, nutritionally, and industrially beneficial plant.


When Will Journalistic Integrity Return?

Today June 24th, 2015 Redding’s Record Searchlight once again proved they are corporate shrews, not journalism.  They printed a corporate marketing article disguised as a study that said “Scant Evidence Medical Pot Helps Many Illnesses.”  The reporter obviously didn’t care that there are plenty of university studies that prove otherwise, she didn’t even seek out what other studies have been done to weigh the likelihood that the information that she was given to propagate all over America through the Associated Press was true.

That  article is a lie, put out by mainstream pharmaceuticals and medical companies that don’t like not being able to kill you slowly with their pills that they make for pennies and sell you for $10 or more each.   Why would they want you to cure yourself without them when your sickness from not having all the building blocks of our natural diet allows them to stick a 59 cent IV into you, and charge you $89 for the bag of saline?

As long as Americans are treated as centers of profit, instead of citizens with rights, by the members of the Republican National Committee, the lies will keep coming!   For as long as America tolerates politicians that lie to them, and buy up all the news to back up their lies.  I sure hope the treasonous acts of the Republican National Committee and the conspiring corporate media come to a stop before all of the people know they were treasonously lied to in conspiracy, and act accordingly.

The people have a ninth amendment right to a plant, and the GOP doesn’t have the constitutional amendment, and therefore they don’t have the constitutional authority they need to not face treason charges for what they have done to violate the ninth amendment rights of the American people for the last 47 years!