The Restoration Of The Constitutional Rights Of The People

For so long I have demanded the restoration of the rights of free American citizens.  The latest attack against the rights of citizens has been against gay rights, but it is only one of many attacks against specific groups of American citizens who have protection of their rights by their constitution, and are supposed to be treated equally under the law by our government.   I was worried considering the makeup of the Supreme Court that we might get an unconstitutional ruling from the majority. Thankfully they did their jobs and protected American citizens from evil persecution by people claiming to belong to a religion of love, and follow a path of acceptance of their fellow human beings.

As for Charleston and the backlash against the Confederate Flag, those who embrace the Confederate Flag wish for a symbol of rebellion.  Why do they not understand that any rebellion of the American people against those who violate their rights would be carried out under the original “rebel flag,” the one that has stars and stripes?

When will people understand our current President has taken on the task of restoring the constitutional rights of the people, and is about the only one working for the American people.   You know those working against us, they lie about what our President is doing.

Every American has first amendment protection to worship their own religion, and first amendment protection from other’s religions.   That’s just the way it is, live with it!   Next up, restoring the ninth amendment rights of the people to a medicinally, nutritionally, and industrially beneficial plant.




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