Our Country Is Divided

There are two United States Of America now.  In one United States of America we are making peace around the world.  We have a solid agreement with Iran to end their nuclear program.  We are opening up trade and cooperation with Cuba.  The people’s rights are being respected.  The budget deficit has been more than cut in half.   Gas prices are down and stable.  We are making tremendous gains in renewable sources of energy. And we are back to where we were in jobs when George W. Bush crashed the economy a second time during his administration.

In the other United States of America, planned parenthood doesn’t prevent abortions, it causes them.  Iran can’t be trusted and we must go destroy it.  The solution for crime at home isn’t ending income inequality, it is increasing the unconstitutional acts against the constitutional rights of American citizens.  President Obama is the Antichrist, and the GOP are protectors of rights. The President is poisoning us through chemtrails. The real fact is in Republican held territory, the Constitution simply does not apply.  They lie to idiots.

I watched the Republican debate.  We had Jeb Bush lie every time he opened his  mouth, including when he blamed President Obama for withdrawing from Iraq too soon, despite the fact Jeb’s brother singed the orders and exit timeline before he left office, and President Obama didn’t change that timeline.  Ted Cruz told the American people his Bible trumps their Constitution.  All of them lying about the deficit, and their own economies they created, and Donald Trump trumping them all.

How did the Republican party end up in the hands of a criminal organization, and when will the voters of that party end the careers of their current corrupt party leaders?  It always starts at home.