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There, the Court upheld a requirement that a tenant wanting a continuance of an eviction hearing must post security for accruing rent during the continuance. By the Florida and Pennsylvania laws the property is to all intents and purposes placed in custody and immobilized during this time. The Court will set the matterfrom the date the Court Clerk receives your claim.


The VCRs were loaded onto a trailer; the doors of the trailer were sealed but not padlocked, and the trailer was parked at the south end of the terminal. However, her failure to comply subjects her to damages, and if she has willfully violated the provisions of this section she is liable to the bailor for conversion. In many instances the goods of several owners are mingled, and the identical items are not intended to be returned. WHY CHOOSE USFull Faith and Credit Clause of the United States Constitution. How Long Does a High Court Writ Last? If the sheriff does seize your goods, the sheriff cannot sell your goods until six days after the goods were seized.Toggle Menu.”