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Terms in this set 46 They make shoes What does Miguel's family do for a living Miguel's Great great grandfather left his family for music What tore Miguel's. Coco Discussion Questions Page 3 PG 105 min Animation Fantasy November 21 2017 Walt Disney Pictures Pixar. What colour is Miguel's guitar Red White Brown 2 What type of animal is Dante Pig Horse Dog 3 Who is Coco 4 What country is the film set in Mexico. Coco Movie Guide Activities Answer Key Included Day of.


May 17 2020 My students watched Cocos movie and then they worked on different exercises about itFirst students complete Miguels family story with verbs. The answer key on the board and have students quickly check their answers. 45 study questions for DisneyPixar's COCO The questions are in English with an answer key included Coming soon study questions in. T he initial idea for Coco came about in 2010 when Lee Unkrich. Back To LoginPlot Chart Diagram Arc Pixar Short Films Study w Answer Keys. To begin give students a response sheet or instruct them to use a piece of paper and. Coloring Incredible Disney Charactersg Family Coco Activity.Toggle Menu.”